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THEORYDance Anatomy IDance Composition IDance History I
Students will study the physical structures of the musculoskeletal system of the human body as it relates to movement in dance.
Students will establish a common foundational vocabulary for describing what we see and do physically to express the Word of God in movement, develop creative methods of generating movement messages, and determine how to use text (The Word) with movement.
Students will explore the past development of dance and it’s connection to the present and future of dance as it relates to movement ministry.
PRODUCTIONPreeminent ProductionPurposeful PageantryNutrition
This course offers a basic overview of the production process from the technical rehearsals to the final concert/service. The class will cover lighting for dance performance, stage management, various areas of responsibility within your stage crew, and how these various jobs collaborate as a team to successfully run a show/event that will glorify the Father in excellence. Dance concert, dance ministry service, end of summer programs, conference concert… etc.
Students will explore the purpose of dance ministry as it serves the church with pageantry. We will study the varying impacts of colors and fabrics, the order and use of processions, the differences and similarities of warfare and celebration, the historical and spiritual significance of the various props that can be used, as well as hands on lessons on how to effectively use scarves, flags, streamers, banners, tambourines, and more.
This course educates the movement minister in holistic health care. The human body requires basic elements in order to function properly. Dance puts those elements to work. Like musicians who make up an orchestra, the body systems – digestive, intestinal, circulatory, nervous, immune, respiratory, urinary, glandular, and structural – must work in harmony. God requires that His Temple (i.e. your body) be fully functional and in balance in order to complete His purpose in the earth.
MINISTRYDirecting DisciplesBiblical Foundations of DancePurpose and Power of Praise and WorshipSpiritual Warfare & Dance
This course is designed to equip and empower individuals who are responsible for leading, directing, and/or teaching dance to individuals related to dance ministries. We explore classroom/ministry rehearsals, management skills, and how to share information, support, and present working models for students/dance ministry members. We will also explore the leader/teacher responsibility to the Great Commission and how that is applicable to directing disciples in movement ministry.
The purpose of this study is to introduce, through scripture, the history of dance in the church, the scriptural meaning of movement in the body of Christ, experience the Old Testament patterns of praise & worship, and to be able to apply those patterns to the worship experience of today.
Students will explore the purpose of dance ministry as it serves the church during the praise and worship portion of the service, the difference between praise and worship, techniques in following and leading a dance team of worshippers, and basic movements with which a congregation can share.
students will explore the intricacies of spiritual warfare, how movement ministry affects the principalities, and strengthens the body of Christ.
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