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Bridge the gap between the trained arts and the community of faith, and provide diverse community outreach with an emphasis in artistic presentation, academic development, and exposure to the performing arts.

Mission Statement

The mission is to educate diverse groups of people by providing technical training in movement with an academic focus, which will foster quality artistic expression and presentation in order to positively affect their community.


Through our core values we encourage individuals to understand their faith, themselves, their inherent abilities, and use the knowledge and skills gained to explore new possibilities and new ways to positively affect their community.
Creative: inspire original and imaginative thought that fosters quality artistic expression in movement
Divine: reflect the characteristics and attributes of our Creator through ministry in movement
Educate: provide a broad spectrum of dance/ heath education and academic reinforcement Empower: provide information and resources that define, develop, and equip individuals
Excellence: reaching for and producing top quality in every area of service
Model: set standards that are rooted in positive principles and reflect sound morals
Professional: offer an environment fueled with competence and􀀊􀀋”‘ expertise which will produce properly developed dynamic instruments for a continually evolving international arena

Since its inception in summer 1992, Divine Dance Institute’s (DDI) goal has been to provide a broad spectrum of dance education, preparing servants for the continually evolving choreographic/technical arenas in the movement ministerial art of dance, all within a nurturing and professional environment. DDI is the culmination of years of hard work and a firm belief in dance as a positive force that not just titillates the senses, but touches the heart, seamlessly integrating the mission-minded, message-driven movement with technical development.

The school has been developing new programs while maintaining its original premise of integrity and quality without compromising the development in all the dimensions of health. DDI has been established as a foundational basis for those who are earnest about a positive call on their life and who want to become better equipped of message driven movement in and around the world.

In 2002, DDI was re-established by Artistic Director Amanda F. Standard. DDI’s goal has been to provide an environment conducive to arts education and academic enrichment that prepares dancers for the continually evolving international dance arena. The school at DDI offers an open community wide dance program. Through regularly scheduled technique and theory classes, students are exposed to a wealth of information that our instructors impart so they may be inspired, use the knowledge to implement in their various home ministries where they will ultimately impact communities, cities, nations and even the world.

Our end of the season (June) productions share messages of hope and love through all forms of dance: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, West African, Tap and urban contemporary movement. We offer an after school enrichment program, and a full day summer enrichment program— Divine D.E.s.I.G.n Summer Enrichment offers young people from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to explore their creative potential, while also imparting life-skills such as teamwork and self–discipline through academic enrichment, homework assistance and the performing arts and a pre-professional four week dance intensive—Pneuma Dance Project. Each program inspires self-respect and confidence and fosters an appreciation for and joy in the arts.

Safe Haven offers an opportunity for the youth in our community to have an alternative source of recreation (ages 12 – 19), through music, games (indoor/outdoor), movies and just great social development. Hanging out at the “Haven” provides information, support and a safe environment through community intervention. A place for young people to “be” and “become.”

TAP, our Teacher Apprentice Program through teacher mentorship for young aspiring dance educators and instructional professional development, is committed to supporting and providing our teaching staff with high quality learning opportunities in a variety of contexts and formats. This program offers teens and young adults skill sets that can be translated into resume work
experience in careers dedicated to youth, education and arts.

DDI is also the home of The Breezes (6-11), Pneuma (12 – 15), Wind (15+) and the Whirlwind (Intercessory Adults) the outreach repertory ensembles. The members of these groups express their love and adoration for God through varied presentations that embody the rich traditions of African-American Dance Theater and music with primary focus on the edification of believers and the salvation of non-believers. Using the varied dance forms ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop/urban, African and other cultural dance they present innovative and inspiring expressions of contemporary lifestyles of discipleship and intimate relationship with God. These ensembles offer work that touches the heart of man and ignites the fire of fervent worship of Him. These groups are committed to effecting change in the communities and city through presentation, development and exposure to the arts.

This organization provides a forum in which artists, arts educators and artistic visionaries, who have totally submitted their gifts to positive development, can explore and develop their talents.

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